Kate and Corey
8:00 PM20:00

Kate and Corey

Kate and Corey bring a host of influences to their sound.  From jazzy licks, blues colors and country soul, their slice of Americana is perfect for Studio ON.  We are proud to host their recording session at Studio ON, Friday, September 18th.  Doors open at 7:00 PM and the show starts at 8:00 PM.  As always, it's a BYOB show.  Bring your food, bring your friends, set up a table... make this an EVENT!

"My fans really enjoyed the intimate setting and as an artist, it was easy to feel connected to them and that we all had a little journey together there at Studio On! It was a great night for us as a band and look forward to spreading the word about how awesome this place is! " - Nanyana Reichert

video interview with Kate and Corey

Get to know Kate and Corey before you come see them!  Here are some snippets from their interview with Studio ON.

"About the artists" interview with Kate and Corey. Their recording session will be on Friday, September 18th, 2015. These guys are a slice of Americana music, blending country, jazz,, blues folk and a dash of R&B to create their sound. Come here them play at Studio ON. www.lowfrequencystudio.com/events

Listen to Kate and Corey tell about their songcraft and the inspiration for their art.

Why do Kate and Corey perform such passionate shows? Find out in this snippet of their interview with Studio ON.

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8:00 PM20:00

Indee Killed the Pop Star... again! FREE SHOW

So, so good... we wanted to do it again!

Indee Killed the Pop Star performs a FREE show for a special Sunday evening performance

As always, this event is BYOB and BYOF (food).  All seats are general admission.  There will be no tables available for this event.  Come and bring your friends to give them a taste of what studio ON is all about - great music & great people in a great space!

Meet Indie...

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Pace House
8:00 PM20:00

Pace House

this band is a rare find

We've searched for months to find the next band to host at studio ON and we are excited to present Pace House.  Here are some words to associate with this group of artists - 

eclectic...          reflective...

beautifully layered guitars...

weaving drums and bass...

If you are looking for 4:4 musical time and verse-chorus-verse, check back for a future event. You won't find typical structure with Pace House.  Their songs are movements... they go somewhere unexpected... you will leave this recording session with a new appreciation of music as art.  Take a listen to their latest album HERE.

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8:00 PM20:00

Fire & the Knife

Music from the soul! Southern rock fused with jazz and blues.  From down tempo intimate acoustic vibes to full blown electrifying harmonized guitars, Fire & The Knife springs organic and truthful.

Bring your own food and drink... set up your table... make this your night!

Bistro box meals also available for purchase from Oak Street Cafe.

Get to know these talented artists before you come see the live recording session.  We've seen it and now full-length interview is now ready for YOUR eyes!

Filmed and edited by Low Frequency Studio

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8:00 PM20:00


Please note that the date for this event has changed from Saturday, November 14th to Friday, December 12

SEYGO is touring performance-art out of Nashville.  It is visual... it is sound... it feeds the soul!

You've never seen or heard anything like this before.  Studio ON is a unique venue with unique performances and these guys fit right in!  Come and be a part of the experience...

Want to meet SEYGO before the performance?  Check out this interview we filmed on October 26th..

Here's a promo video created by Brad Naylor for the session

"SEYGO is part artist collective, part musical troupe, part visual arts curators. More precisely, they are custodians of transcendent experience. They are sonic illustrators seeking to create a complete, cohesive, and immersive experience. Bending the traditional functions of genre and performance art, they transform the way we attend concerts and listen to music."  - New York Minute Magazine
"SEYGO cant’ be explained, it must be experienced."  - Before It's News
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8:00 PM20:00

Teeya Skipper and the Ma Soul Band

Come be a part of the live recording session for this exceptional group of artists! Songs of empowerment and honesty... 

Listen to the jazz and soul vibe of the Ma Soul Band with the unique vocal stylings of Teeya Skipper.  You know we're really picky about who performs at studio ON... these guys will not disappoint!

Watch the full interview with Teeya and the boys.  After you see it, you'll be getting tickets for the show for you AND your friends!

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