studio ON is an idea by musicians for musicians

We wanted to provide a unique opportunity for up-and-coming artists who believe in their talent and who believe in their art to share their music with others. 

Here's the exciting part!

  • All music will be digitally recorded in multitrack format that you can take with you.
  • This will cost you nothing AND you retain all rights to your original music.
  • Think of this as FREE STUDIO TIME!
  • We may even choose some of your tracks to be professionally mixed and mastered by us.
  • Select songs will be included in collections that will be offered for sale in various formats and venues including this website.

We are not a record label and we are not a distribution company.  We are simply passionate about music.

What you can expect of us:

  • We will advertise for the show on the web and in publications.
  • With our virtual sound check, we will spend several hours in the afternoon honing in on the best sound possible while you're out getting a shot of caffeine.  You will be able to hear just how you will sound from the audience's perspective.
  • Bring a USB drive and we will give you copies of the multitrack recordings so you can mix and master them to your hearts content ... or give them to mix and master professionals to create your own finished songs to sell or post on iTunes, Google Play, Amazon, etc.  

What we expect of you:

  • Be set up and ready for sound check by noon the day of the event.
  • Sound check is not band practice.  It is time for us to position mics, get you comfortable and record a few sample songs so we can tweak the sound system via virtual sound check.
  • Bring your own headphones or in-ear monitors.  We have personal monitor systems so each musician can have their own, in-ear monitor mix.  We are the sharing type but not when it comes to ear wax!
  • Go away for the afternoon and return by 7:00 PM to get ready for the show.
  • Play one or two 45 minute sets starting at 8:00 PM and 9:00 PM.  Only original music will be recorded.
  • Pack up or hang around... you'll be in good company!

Interested in participating?  Send us some information in the form below!

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