studio ON

is an exceptional live recording music experience... from both sides of the microphone

We don't want to play bars where music is simply a means to sell more alcohol, leaving us with nothing more than another exhausting, late night of gig experience

We want you to listen... to feel our words. We want to show you the power of our art and to be moved by the melodies and harmonies


We don't want to sit in clubs to hear incredible artistry lose its magic through head-splitting volume levels and a mix that makes you wonder if the sound guy is even listening

We want to hear the harmonics in the guitar strings and the ghost notes on the snare... to feel the bass and kick drum in our guts

We created studio ON to be a unique music event where artists and listeners engage to create a live recording of the performance.  Through cutting edge sound equipment,  explore music of all genres as emerging artists perform in a relaxed environment surrounded by stunning fine art at Muse & Co.  

This is a musician's experience... a listener's experience

come... the studio is ON

Questions? Shoot us an emal: